Bunny Boiler Records 2017 Collection

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Our first Bunny Boiler Records compilation album will be released October 28th 2017.

Track Listing:

  1. Suckerpunch – iZombie
  2. Clobber – Sink or Swim
  3. SAD SALLY – Like, Subscribe, Fuck Off!
  4. Leech Bleeders – Mind Your Toes
  5. The Bitten – Rules of the Game
  6. Gordy Flange – Solo
  7. Blunderbuster – Raggle Taggle
  8. Pollen. – DUH!
  9. The Cracked Actors – Tea
  10. MOLOTOV SOULS – Quicksand
  11. The DC Spectres – Purple Skies
  12. Rats in Paradise – NO.1
  13. Gidian Grey – Melancholic
  14. An Exit To Breathe – Echoes
  15. Underground Empire – Figure It Out
  16. W.M.D – So Has The Faith


FREE demo from The Bitten

The Bitten - Demo

Please give a loud and warm welcome to latest Bunny Boiler Records band, The Bitten.

Download a FREE copy of their demo.

The story of The Bitten begins in the middle of 2006 following the demise of The Blunts, who after signing to Revolver Records, and sharing stages with the likes of The Damned, Goldblade, Glen Matlock, The Yo Yo’s and the UK Subs imploded spectacularly at the release party for their debut album ‘Gas Up The Machine’.

This left front man Jay Hudson holding his brothel creepers and leather jacket, wondering how he was to continue on his rock ‘n’ roll quest.

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