Rats In Paradise


Rats In Paradise is an on going project by Bunny Boiler Records founder Ash formed in 2012 after his old band (Twinkle And The Sluts) came to an end

Rats In Paradise was formed, At the time the band consisted of Ash and ex fellow Twinkle And The Sluts guitarist Alex Cotterill.

A brief demo consisting of 2 song was recorded. 1 of which may still be online if you look hard enough.

Alex unfortunatley decided to move to Leeds, this was when Ash decided to give a go on his own. Setting up a small studio in his living room. Recording started and the project obviously required vocals Ash enlisted the help from Pollen bassist and front man Ben Wigley.

Rats In Paradise

In Late 2014 Ash was asked to join the Leech Bleeders as a stand in bassist. So jumping at the chance to get playing some live gigs again Rats was pushed aside

In the summer of 2015,sStill wanting to release some of his own material Ash decided to put together a line up for Rats. So along with Ash and Ben, Matt was recruited to play bass and Bens fellow Pollen band mate Corey as the drummer

Now with an actual band Rats Recorded their debut EP Sewer Tapes, which was released Christmas 2015.

After playing a few gigs and everyone going off to concentrate on their other bands once again Rats was put back on the shelf to be pulled down at a later date.

After a short while and remembering how much fun it was the last time round Rats got back into the studio to record Reptilian in early 2016. But this time with a slight change this time round, due to Ben's commitment to Pollen Ash had to take over the vocals.

After the release of Reptilian the band did 1 more live show to celebrate the release and was once again put on hiatus.

Early 2018 Ash started experimenting with new music ideas, and writting has begun for a new EP that will hopefully be out end of 2018

Rats In Paradise

Line Up

Ashley Mitchell: Guitar / Vocals
Matthew McCullagh: Bass / Vocals
Coreylee Furnial: Drums / Shouting
Ben Wigley: Vocals

Past Members

Alex Cotterill: Guitar / Vocals




Release Date: 30th June 2016
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Sewer Tapes

Sewer Tapes

Release Date: 25th December 2015
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