Sad Sally


3 unlikely lads from the back streets of Nuneaton, peddling their harmony infused Pop punk in just about any venue that'll have em!

Kicking things off back in 2008, SAD SALLY have worked hard drinking, smoking and sweating their way through the local music scene. Several demos, an E.P, The Best of Al Snow, an album H is for Tornado, over 100 gigs and 3 drummers later, there's no stopping these flea bitten rejects. The sky is the limit (or the floor depending how much they've drank).

We are up for gigging anywhere anytime give us a like and contact us on:

Line Up

Guitar and Vocals
Age: Any number before 30
Height : Circumference
Blood type: O' Reece's pieces
Fave colour: Anal
Skills include: extensive stamp and pornography collection, circumcised, has a lifetime subscription to crocheting monthly, can recite all the words(plus actions) to grease 2, pink belt in cleaning men's lavatories, cat whisperer.

Bass and Vocals
Age: platform 9 and 3 quarters
Height: about 'tree fiddy
Blood type: 45% proof
Fave colour: heavy flow cycle, between brown and red
Skills include: 5 times tables, filthy lopez and portugese breakfast expert, can act out the entirety of Micheal jacksons moon walker with his anus, double booking gigs with holidays, despite always being glued to his phone never replies to messages.

Age: 4:20 blaze it
Height: High enough
Blood type: Monster energy drink/ THC
Fave colour: Belly button fluff
Skills include: brum the cars stunt double, spilling food down himself, can pull off a Jheri curl, can count to 23 using all fingers and toes, Charles Manson lookalike, once flipped a Peugeot 205.




Release Date: 25th October 2017
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