The Bitten


The story of The Bitten begins following the demise of The Blunts, who after signing to Revolver Records and sharing stages with the likes of The Damned, Goldblade, Glen Matlock, The Yo Yo’s and the UK Subs imploded spectacularly at the release party for their debut album ‘Gas Up The Machine’. This left front man Jay Hudson holding his brothel creepers and leather jacket, wondering how he was to continue on his rock ‘n’ roll quest.

Initially undeterred, he continued to write and play with a variety of musicians, without being able to settle upon the correct line up for the band. Eventually, Jay’s optimism on finding the perfect blend of individuals diminished the desire to form a new band fizzled away, and he disappeared into the rock ‘n’ roll abyss.

The Bitten

A call from his friends in Vincent and the Onepotts led to him playing guest guitar for a few shows, including a spot at Strummercamp. The fire in his belly was reignited. This time, Jay new who he wanted to join him and luckily everyone was available. The Bitten moniker was chosen, gigs were played and an albums worth of material recorded. All was well with the world, but it was not to last. Guitarists joined Goldblade, Bassists moved away and recordings were lost. For a second time Jay retreated into musical hibernation.

However, you can’t keep a good rocker down. Messages are exchanged on social media, Bassists and drummers are eager to rekindle the spark, the hunger is reborn! Gaz, a guitarist known to Jay posts that he is after a band and it appears that the line-up is complete. Alas, in the world of The Bitten nothing runs smoothly and before even a string is picked or a drum hit in anger both Bassist and Drummer pull out due to other commitments. However, this time Jay is backed up by Gaz’s infectious enthusiasm and it doesn’t take long before 2 new likeminded souls are brought into the fold. Former Nova 5’s and Slipps drummer Dan and Steve on bass.

After honing their sound and winning over new friends wherever they play live the time came for the band to unleash their debut album ‘Is It Supposed To Sound Like That?’ A proper 12 track shot of rock ‘n’ roll goodness complete with crushing guitars, gravel pit vocals. The release is supported by a music video for ‘Elvis’ both of which received overwhelmingly positive feedback and were followed later in the same year with the first of many Halloween EP’s.

Armed with the blackest guitars, the flattest caps and adorned with tattoos and bruises, these Punk N’ Roll warriors are about to rock your world. So sit back, relax, turn the stereo up to 11, pour yourself a slug of Jack and decide if it’s supposed to sound like that.

The Bitten

Line Up

Jay: Guitar & Vox
Gaz: Guitar
Dan: Drums
Stephen: Bass


Is It Supposed To Sound Like That

Release Date: 6th May 2016
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The Bitten - Demo

Release Date: 23rd September 2016
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