Leech Bleeders – Leech Bleeders Are Burning In Hell

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Release Date: 3rd March 2017


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Release Date: 3rd March 2017

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. S.T.D
  3. Down Goes Another Drink
  4. Mind Your Toes
  5. Valentine
  6. Slow Poison
  7. Simian Minions
  8. The World Is My Toilet
  9. Minge Binge
  10. Hunts Are For Cunts
  11. Don’t Let The Bastards Drag You Down
  12. I Am Not The Drummer In Eastfield
  13. Boys Club
  14. Blanks Fired
  15. Living Turds
  16. Outro

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  1. 5 out of 5


    eech Bleeders are Burning in Hell Over the past 6 years Staffordshire punk band Leech Bleeders have been setting venues on fire with their crazy antics and fun live shows. During this time the band has undergone a number of personel changes and finally stabilized into the current line up of Eddie, George, Jim, Don & Ash. It is this line up that has crafted the band's amazing 3rd album Leech Bleeders are Burning in Hell. Yes Burning in Hell is the Leech Bleeders taking the listener on a crazy sometimes off-kiter journey through their world. But what a world! The intro track kicks off with a church organ and spoken narrative about the band enjoying there time burning in hell before morphing via into a ganster rapesque (new word alert) ditty full of "muthafuckers" aplenty and this is just the beginning of the crazy train's whacked out journey. So buckle up, sit back and join Leech Bleeders on their ride! The band then launches into the fast and furious dig at far right boneheads that is STD. In this song Eddie recounts the tale of being sat in a boozer having his ear bent by a racist bigot whilst all he wanted to do was drink his beer in peace. As the tale rolls on he hears from the racist that he would likely to get stoned to death under Sharia law if the UK was to become a muslim state. Eddie has a light bulb moment and smiles thinking of just how many joints it would take to do so. Witty, fast, punchy and too the point the song is the perfect way to open the album. Next up is the sing along drinking anthem that is Down Goes Another Drink. A slightly slower street punk-tinged number replete with Oi's it is a celebration of all things Friday night, finishing at work for the week and heading down the pub for a skinfull (amen!). The fourth song on the album Mind Your Toes is a tribute to well known disabled Midlands punk Chris P. Chris has built up quite a reputation at local venues for inadvertantly running over peoples' feet on the dancefloor with his electric wheelchair. The song opens with cameo from Chris telling George the old Elephant/Bun joke before the song rips in at lightning speed andthe classic chorus of "one push of his knob and off he goes....straight over my toes!" A Brilliant song, pure comedy gold. Next track is a gypsy punk/ska song called valentine. It's infectiously catchy and serves to highlight just how musically diverse Leech Bleeders are. This band will certainly never be accused of being a one trick pony that's for sure. From gypsy punk to fast hardcore Leech Bleeders shift gear once again on Slow Posion. It's fast. hard and brutal. The pace let's up a little on track 7 Simian Minions where the band get to make various ape noises over the intro before launching into the song properly. With chunky bass lines and "what the fucks" this song really is as mad as they come. Then it's back to their fast hardcore sound on The World is my Toilet. Infact this one may even be faster and heavier than Slow Poison it's a toss of a coin really but either way it's a belter of a track and one fans of hard-edged tuneage will be sure to enjoy. Track 9 is one of the highlights of the album, the infectiously catchy Minge Binge. It's quite possibly Goerge's (aka Gordy Flange) magnum opus. Opening up with blululu sounds and porn samples it rips straight into a blazing guitar riff and bawdy lyrics all about performing quality control taste test down in the old lady garden (no wonder the band are burning in hell). With the earworm of a chorus that is "Lick it here, lick it there, lick it everywhere. Do the minge binge minge binge common everybody. Do the minge binge minge binge". This song will be stuck in your heads for weeks! Infact it's not an earworm it's more of an earleech! From the fun and frolicks of the previous song, the band get business like with the short, fast, big two fingers up at the hunting fraternity that is Hunts are For Cunts and rightly so. The title says it all really and I have much respect to the guys for putting this on the album. Don't let the Bastards Grind You Down returns to the sense of fun. Big, catchy and full of hooks. It's a song about enjoying your life and not giving two fucks about the things that are out of your control. A great mantra from a bunch of lads that genuinely do live by it. I'm not the Drummer in Eastfield is a song that the band have played live for quite a while now and it's the tale of how Eddie is constently reminded that he looks like the former drummer from fellow punk band Eastfield in what has become an in joke/on going wind up from certain members of the Midlands punk fraternity. With Eddie stating on the chorus "I am not the drummer in Eastfield, I don't look like the drummer in Eastfield...I am Eddie from the Leech Bleeders!" just in case anyone was still unsure. Boys Club is a fast slice of melodic hardcore that at times sounds like the bastard child of Motorhead and The Hard-ons. It leads nicely into Blanks Fired, a song that's dedicated to former Leech Bleeders singer Fill Blank who disappeared to live in Austria leaving the band in kind of limbo. Of course the band carried on with Eddie now taking up lead vocal duties and when the band had 1 day with Fill over Christmas (after not having sight nor sound of him for 18 months) they decided to put down this song about him getting sacked. Fill Blank actually appears in the video for this song and even though "he's not getting rehired" they are still all good mates. Living Turds is the last proper song on the album. It begins with an almost mockney spoken feel to it's verses (think Phil Daniels on Parklife) with a big chorus about not being able to flush living turds so they need to be crushed (think about trying to flush Dobald Trump or some other such turd down the chance, crush the bugger!). In it's climax the tune speeds up into a fast thrashy finale. The journey is all but over with the outro resuming the hiphop tinged daftness of the intro. Yes Leech Bleeders are burning in hell, but they are loving every minute of it. One day they may well rise from the dead but for now sin and sulphur is more than enough for these crazy dudes. Jason K Punk By Nature

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