Suckerpunch – Strong & Unstable

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Release Date: 19th June 2017


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Release Date: 19th June 2017

Track Listing:

  1. Right to be Offended
  2. iZombie
  3. Ninjas and Pirates and Lasers and Shit
  4. Vaper Kaper

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Suckerpunch - Strong and Unstable Over the last 12 months up & coming Birmingham punk band Suckerpunch has literally expolded onto the scene. Through giging most weekends this 4 piece has not only honed it's live craft but jelled as a tight as fuck unit that is penning some memorably catchy punk tuneage. Which leads me on to the band's debut collection of songs, Strong and Unstable. The four track EP opens with a sample of Mark Hamill's Joker reciting a Donald Trump speech before launching into the infectious Right To Be Offended, a song that has already become a live favourite with many. Opening with a rumbling bass line this is a balls out slice of fast melodic tuneage with a sing along earworm of vocal chorus. When frontman Neil starts singing "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" you will be joining in before you know it! Next up is iZombie the fast street punk dig at the phenomenon of keyboard warriors, the iZombies of the song’s title. It's no holds barred swipe at those who tend to spend most of their time online and looking for the next argument whilst not really caring about what is happening in the real world. It actually how self absorbed so many people have become since the rise of social media! Featuring some great, fast guitar solos the tune is another winner. The third track up Ninjas and Pirates and Lasers and Shit blasts straight in with an intro that sounds like early Dirt Box Disco, which is no bad thing in my books. Neil's lyrics reflect how the downers of work and the mundane side of life can be nullified by doing some of the things in life that make him happy and the good times that go with them. From getting drunk with those lovely ladies the Cackles (Midlands punks will know who I'm on about) to dancing around like a madman to his friends, fellow Brum punk band Angry Itch. It's a truly joyous celebration of having fun with your life's downtime. A 4 min slice of melodic catchy punk joyousness and after all who doesn't need Ninjas and Pirates and Lasers and Shit to be free! The EP rounds things of with the aptly titled ode to the e-cigarette that is the mighty Vapour Kaper. The guitar and drums of the songs intro starts like some almost Buzzcocks-esque slice of late 70's post punk but that just lulls the listener into a false sense of security when at about 15 seconds the song shifts gear and blasts into a blistering UK82 kind of flow. The chorus then changes direction again with a sing-along chorus replete with a few background Oi's. It's a fine way to round of a very good debut collection of songs. For me Suckerpunch perfectly sit in that sweet spot of punk music that's too fast/heavy to be pop punk yet too catchy to be street punk. It's a beautiful place and one that every fan of joyous punked up tuneage should share with them! Jason K (Punk By Nature)

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